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Kit Check Launches Bluesight IRIS to Reveal Hospital Employees that Might be Stealing Drugs

By: Ken Briodagh    10/1/2018

Automated Medication Solutions Provider for Hospital Pharmacies Leverages Machine Learning to Enhance Diversion Identification and Curb Opioid Misuse …

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GDPR and SARs: Much Ado About Something

By: Special Guest    10/1/2018

The headlines from recent GDPR enforcement actions suggest that corporate legal liability lawsuits running into the billions will start to become comm…

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PAI Health Raises New Funding Round to Accelerate Growth in Insurtech

By: Ken Briodagh    9/28/2018

Company is poised to meet growing insurance demand for personalized IoT health dialogue with $9 million funding round

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AstraZeneca Set to Use IoT Healthcare to Expand in Chinese Market, Says GlobalData

By: Ken Briodagh    9/27/2018

AstraZeneca is well positioned to use artificial intelligence (AI), robots and apps to expand its market share, and improve diagnosis and disease mana…

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AT&T and Ericsson Team Up on IoT Cybersecurity

By: Ken Briodagh    9/26/2018

AT&T and Ericsson to test devices under new industry program to build a trusted and more secure wireless ecosystem for the Internet of Things

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5G Radio Bug Discovered by 7SIGNAL Hospital Customer

By: Ken Briodagh    9/18/2018

One of nation's largest not-for-profit health plans discovers critical Wi-Fi bug, solves issue with 7SIGNAL

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ON Semiconductor Adds System-in-Package Module for Connected Bluetooth Applications

By: Ken Briodagh    9/12/2018

Bluetooth Certified and EEMBC ULPMark validated, the 6 x 8 x 1.46 mm SiP features integrated antenna for accelerated design and market introduction

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Internet of Medical Things Spurs Home Healthcare Industry, Report Says

By: Ken Briodagh    9/7/2018

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and sensor technologies to help establish smart hospitals, finds Frost & Sullivan

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IoT in Health Podcast S.1 Ep.4 iBoss

By: Ken Briodagh    9/6/2018

On this episode of the monthly IoT in Health Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Paul Martini, CEO, iBoss Network Security.

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Unified Office Takes a Trip to the Dentist Office

By: Cynthia S. Artin    9/6/2018

Not many of us love going to see the dentist, and one company working across unified voice, productivity and even IoT systems is out to make the exper…

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Healthcare Organizations to Adopt Blockchain by 2020, DMI Says

By: Ken Briodagh    9/6/2018

In a recent statement, Jake Meisenbach, Senior Consultant, DMI, said there is a great opportunity in applying blockchain to disrupt the healthcare sec…

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Delos Launches Residential Wellness Technology Platform

By: Ken Briodagh    9/5/2018

The Delos DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence platform monitors, calibrates and activates indoor home environments, responding to changing conditions to…

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Webinar: Connectivity for Competitive Edge in IoT

By: Ken Briodagh    8/30/2018

In order to get an edge and drive new IoT revenue, while ensuring that projects have the best chance at success, it is critical to understand IoT conn…

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2C Invest Makes Big Move with Insight SIP

By: Ken Briodagh    8/29/2018

In a recent release, Insight SIP, an ultra-miniature RF modules company, announced that 2C Invest, a Toulon, France-based investment fund, has purchas…

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Partners HealthCare, Neighborhood Health to Offer New Telehealth Option

By: Ken Briodagh    8/28/2018

Partners HealthCare announced recently that it has deployed a new telehealth initiative called Partners HealthCare On Demand.

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Healthcare AI Market to Surpass $34 Billion by 2025, Tractica Says

By: Ken Briodagh    8/27/2018

Medical Image Analysis, Healthcare Virtual Assistants, Computational Drug Discovery, Medical Treatment Recommendation, and Patient Data Processing Wil…

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IoT Evolution Health Announces an Unmatched Conference Program with Certification & Case Studies

By: NFVZone News    8/27/2018

Powerful content explores the impact IoT solutions on enterprise-level healthcare, patient care, supply chain, insurance and pharmaceutical operations…

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Surgical Robotics Market Poised To Support Wider Variety of Procedures, Predicts Globaldata

By: Ken Briodagh    8/23/2018

Following the success of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) for a number of indications and surgical specialties, medical device companies are increasin…

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AI Interoperability Pledge Could Improve Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

By: Ken Briodagh    8/23/2018

Google, Amazon, and IBM have joined forces with Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle to pledge to speed up the progress of health data standards and inte…

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IoT Failures Plague Two-Thirds of Users Worldwide, Report Says

By: Ken Briodagh    8/22/2018

According to recent reports, a software intelligence company, 52 percent of consumers are now using IoT devices, yet 64 percent have already encounter…

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