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ON Semiconductor Adds System-in-Package Module for Connected Bluetooth Applications

By: Ken Briodagh     9/12/2018

Bluetooth Certified and EEMBC ULPMark validated, the 6 x 8 x 1.46 mm SiP features integrated antenna for accelerated design and market introduction

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Internet of Medical Things Spurs Home Healthcare Industry, Report Says

By: Ken Briodagh     9/7/2018

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and sensor technologies to help establish smart hospitals, finds Frost & Sullivan

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IoT in Health Podcast S.1 Ep.4 iBoss

By: Ken Briodagh     9/6/2018

On this episode of the monthly IoT in Health Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Paul Martini, CEO, iBoss Network Security.

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Unified Office Takes a Trip to the Dentist Office

By: Cynthia S. Artin     9/6/2018

Not many of us love going to see the dentist, and one company working across unified voice, productivity and even IoT systems is out to make the experience of patients and the dental office staff more productive.

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Healthcare Organizations to Adopt Blockchain by 2020, DMI Says

By: Ken Briodagh     9/6/2018

In a recent statement, Jake Meisenbach, Senior Consultant, DMI, said there is a great opportunity in applying blockchain to disrupt the healthcare sector.

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Delos Launches Residential Wellness Technology Platform

By: Ken Briodagh     9/5/2018

The Delos DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence platform monitors, calibrates and activates indoor home environments, responding to changing conditions to help improve human health, well-being and performance.

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Webinar: Connectivity for Competitive Edge in IoT

By: Ken Briodagh     8/30/2018

In order to get an edge and drive new IoT revenue, while ensuring that projects have the best chance at success, it is critical to understand IoT connectivity.

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2C Invest Makes Big Move with Insight SIP

By: Ken Briodagh     8/29/2018

In a recent release, Insight SIP, an ultra-miniature RF modules company, announced that 2C Invest, a Toulon, France-based investment fund, has purchased the shareholding of a number of existing investors.

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Partners HealthCare, Neighborhood Health to Offer New Telehealth Option

By: Ken Briodagh     8/28/2018

Partners HealthCare announced recently that it has deployed a new telehealth initiative called Partners HealthCare On Demand.

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Healthcare AI Market to Surpass $34 Billion by 2025, Tractica Says

By: Ken Briodagh     8/27/2018

Medical Image Analysis, Healthcare Virtual Assistants, Computational Drug Discovery, Medical Treatment Recommendation, and Patient Data Processing Will Lead Adoption, Among 22 Key Use Cases for Healthcare AI

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IoT Evolution Health Announces an Unmatched Conference Program with Certification & Case Studies

By: IoTevolutionhealth News     8/27/2018

Powerful content explores the impact IoT solutions on enterprise-level healthcare, patient care, supply chain, insurance and pharmaceutical operations.

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