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GlobalPlatform Leads the Way in Automotive Security

By Greg Tavarez
May 28, 2023

Modern vehicles incorporate various sophisticated digital systems that enhance safety, convenience and functionality. These systems include Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which utilize sensors and algorithms to assist drivers with features like adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. Infotainment systems offer touchscreen interfaces, voice recognition and connectivity for media, communication and navigation.

Connected car technologies enable real-time updates, remote control and integration with smartphones. Telematics systems collect data on vehicle performance and location for diagnostics and management purposes. Vehicle-to-vehicle communication allows vehicles to exchange safety-related information, and over-the-air updates enable remote software modifications.

Because vehicles rely on these sophisticated digital systems, the need for robust security measures to safeguard against cyber threats becomes paramount. The potential consequences of a security breach in the automotive sector are not limited to data theft or financial loss; they can extend to compromising passenger safety and even impacting public infrastructure.

Recognizing this critical need, GlobalPlatform, a digital standards organization, launched a comprehensive initiative to address automotive security challenges and foster collaboration within the industry.

GlobalPlatform is known for its expertise in delivering specifications and certifications for secure digital services and is now directing its focus toward emerging automotive regulations and the evolving landscape of vehicles as a service.

The organization aims to optimize and expedite the deployment of secure components, trusted digital architecture, security APIs and security lifecycle management within the automotive sector. To achieve this, GlobalPlatform established a dedicated Automotive Task Force, which will work toward aligning the organization's technologies with automotive use cases.

The initiative also involves forming alliances with automotive standards organizations. At the heart of GlobalPlatform's automotive initiative is the Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum, which plays a pivotal role in promoting engagement and cooperation among GlobalPlatform members and the broader automotive ecosystem.

The Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum acts as a catalyst for identifying and prioritizing automotive industry requirements. It facilitates discussions on secure component services that span the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, ranging from manufacturing and assembly to aftermarket services and vehicle disposal. By actively involving stakeholders from different domains, the forum aims to shape the future of automotive security, ensuring that innovative solutions are aligned with industry needs.

The forum's significance lies not only in knowledge sharing, but also in driving the development of interoperable and secure components. Through collaboration and collective expertise, the Cybersecurity Vehicle Forum seeks to establish common standards and specifications that enhance the security and resilience of vehicles in the face of emerging threats.

GlobalPlatform also established a cooperative agreement with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Through this partnership, GlobalPlatform and SAE work toward aligning hardware-based secure execution environments in the automotive industry. The harmonization of these environments is vital for ensuring consistency and interoperability across different automotive platforms, facilitating the integration of secure components and enhancing overall cybersecurity.

Additionally, GlobalPlatform partnered with AUTOSAR, a global partnership of automotive manufacturers, suppliers and other industry players. This collaboration aims to coordinate the alignment of secure component standards and specifications for automotive applications. By leveraging AUTOSAR's expertise in automotive system architecture and GlobalPlatform's security frameworks, the organizations strive to develop secure and interoperable solutions that meet the unique requirements of the automotive sector.

But still, that isn’t all.

To further enhance collaboration and information exchange, GlobalPlatform joined the Auto-ISAC community. Auto-ISAC, short for Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center, is an industry-driven organization focused on advancing cybersecurity in the automotive industry. GlobalPlatform's participation in this community ensures coordination with other key players and enables the organization to stay at the forefront of emerging cybersecurity trends and best practices specific to the automotive sector.

GlobalPlatform also has an active memorandum of understanding with the Car Connectivity Consortium, a cross-industry organization dedicated to advancing global standards for smartphone and in-vehicle connectivity. This partnership allows GlobalPlatform to align its efforts with the CCC's objectives and collaborate on addressing shared challenges related to automotive security and connectivity.

“Recent automotive cybersecurity regulations and emerging trends like the move towards autonomous driving and flexible mobility solutions are requiring car manufacturers to become more agile and adaptable in the deployment of secure vehicle services,” said Ana Tavares Lattibeaudiere, Executive Director, GlobalPlatform. “GlobalPlatform’s secure component technologies support the automotive sector’s compliance with these new regulations and requirements.”

GlobalPlatform's automotive initiative marks a step toward reinforcing security within the automotive sector. By facilitating cooperation and knowledge sharing, GlobalPlatform aims to support car manufacturers in meeting the compliance requirements of evolving automotive cybersecurity regulations.

Edited by Alex Passett

IoTEvolutionHealth Editor

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