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IoT in Health Podcast S.1 Ep.8 Healthy Nevada Project

By: Ken Briodagh    12/13/2018

On this episode of the monthly IoT in Health Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Jim Metcalf, Chief Data Scientist, Healthy Nevada Project, to talk a…

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MetTel Helps Rotech Healthcare Improve Patient Outcomes with Mobility and Digital Transformation

By: Ken Briodagh    12/13/2018

MetTel is helping Rotech Healthcare to drive better patient care and personalization at healthcare facilities and at home through a mobile initiative …

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Securing Medical Devices in the Age of the Internet of Medical Things

By: Special Guest    12/13/2018

Healthcare is rapidly moving to a completely digitized environment, and, as a result, devices have been introduced to the hospital ecosystem and bedsi…

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US Congress Debating IoT Assessment Bill

By: Ken Briodagh    12/7/2018

A bill recently passed the US House, and is now in the Senate, that will direct the Secretary of Commerce to conduct a study and submit to Congress a …

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IoT in Health Podcast S.1 Ep.7 Pegasystems

By: Ken Briodagh    12/6/2018

On this episode of the monthly IoT in Health Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Kelli Bravo, VP, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Pegasystems to talk a…

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Inseego and Verizon Demonstrate Virtual Reality Telemedicine over 5G

By: Ken Briodagh    12/4/2018

Inseego, a 5G and intelligent IoT device-to-cloud solutions provder, and Verizon will unveil MiFi 5G NR mobile broadband technology at the Qualcomm Sn…

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SunTrust Foundation Awards $50K Grant to Support Innovation

By: Ken Briodagh    12/4/2018

Synapse, an accelerator for innovation in Florida, is the recipient of a $50,000 grant from the SunTrust Foundation - Tampa/Southwest Florida, to supp…

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Value-Based Care Drives Demand for Provider Information Management Tools

By: Special Guest    11/30/2018

Healthcare consumerism and the shift to value-based care - including an explosion in the number and forms of clinical networks - are driving demand fo…

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National Wearables Survey Shows Convergence of Wearables and Health Devices

By: Ken Briodagh    11/29/2018

Survey conducted by wearable sensor technology company Valencell reflects trends in growing consumer adoption of wearable technology, longer term usag…

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How Integration Can Set Healthcare Digital Transformation Up for Success

By: Special Guest    11/29/2018

Healthcare enterprises are hard-pressed to transform their business digitally. Orchestrating healthcare processes and renovating archaic tech can be q…

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The IoT in Healthcare: How to Revolutionize the Healthcare Sector

By: Special Guest    11/26/2018

Healthcare is developing quickly, and we already can see how high-tech robots do medical operations, how doctors can monitor the health of their patie…

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Guidelines for GDPR Compliance in Third-Party Contracts

By: Special Guest    11/19/2018

The last few years have demonstrated that personal data is not merely one of the most valuable assets for IT companies but can also be an object of mi…

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Survey Highlights Digital Health Challenges and Opportunities for Health Systems

By: Ken Briodagh    11/19/2018

Cybersecurity, Telehealth and Interoperability are 'Top of Mind' for IT Executives in 2019

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IoT Evolution Expo Announces 7 Unique Career Changing Certifications Courses

By: NFVZone News    11/14/2018

Leading IoT event offers unmatched education and recognition in Edge, Blockchain, Smart Cities, IoT Health, Industrial IoT, and LPWAN.

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GetWellNetwork Acquires HealthLoop

By: Ken Briodagh    11/8/2018

Patient engagement company unites with Silicon Valley startup to define the next era of digital health

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Ella and Ethan are Here to Improve Patient Health and Care

By: Chrissie Cluney    11/7/2018

Accenture reportedly has enhanced its Intelligent Patient Platform with the addition of Ella and Ethan, interactive virtual-assistant bots.

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Securing Devices in California: Regulations Call for Compliance By 2020

By: Cynthia S. Artin    11/7/2018

California has become the first state in the U.S. to put cybersecurity regulations on the ever-growing Internet of Things, giving companies until Janu…

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IoT in Health Podcast S.1 Ep.6 Snap40

By: Ken Briodagh    11/7/2018

On this episode of the IoT in Health Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Chris McCann of Snap40, to discuss the intersection of healthcare technology…

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IoT Time Podcast S.3 Ep.41 KodaCloud

By: Ken Briodagh    11/6/2018

On this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Huw Rees, business development advisor at KodaCloud, to talk about AI, Cloud Computin…

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Terbine Opens Nationwide System of Public Agency IoT Data

By: Ken Briodagh    11/5/2018

Company gives users in transportation, insurance, financial services, energy and other industries access to machine-generated sensor feeds from public…

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