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Vitalacy Sends Hand Hygiene Alerts through Sensor

By Greg Tavarez
September 08, 2022

About 1 in 31 hospital patients have at least one healthcare-acquired infection each day, according to the CDC. This is due to a lack of real-time feedback and coaching about hand hygiene.

Healthcare organizations must complete at least 100 observations of hand hygiene opportunities per month per unit to meet Leapfrog Group standards. A difficult and expensive task, organizations are looking for ways to improve the process and are looking to technology to help. Many are turning to electronic hand hygiene monitoring solutions to meet Leapfrog's criteria.

Responding to the demand for a reliable hand hygiene compliance monitoring solution, Vitalacy released the Gen4 SmartSensor, designed to capture hand hygiene compliance data and provide real-time reminders to perform hand hygiene during patient care.

The sensor is placed inside a band worn on the user’s wrist or a clip holder worn on the upper torso. The device uses Bluetooth to monitor hand hygiene behavior, such as compliance and wash duration and reminds staff to wash at the point of care and to wash longer if the wash is too short, in accordance to CDC guidelines to wash hands for at least 20 seconds.

The sensor comes with built-in features for future products in Vitalacy’s development pipeline. In addition to containing improved hardware and firmware, the sensor also includes a gyroscope, an animated screen and longer battery life.

The Gen4 SmartSensor is the latest improvement to the Vitalacy’s Patient Safety Platform, which includes hand hygiene compliance monitoring, workflow and nursing rounding monitoring, contact tracing and a fall risk alert.

“This new device was developed with future looking applications in mind including care provider messaging, duress buttons, and patient fall alerts,” said Vitalacy Vice President of Engineering Dylan Humphrey.

The platform monitors workflow in near real-time, allowing health care enterprises to monitor rounding, caregiver fatigue and contact tracing. These innovative measures help decrease infection risk and improve the patient experience.

Edited by Erik Linask

IoTEvolutionHealth Editor

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