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MetTel Helps Rotech Healthcare Improve Patient Outcomes with Mobility and Digital Transformation

By Ken Briodagh
December 13, 2018

MetTel reportedly is helping Rotech Healthcare to drive better patient care and personalization at healthcare facilities and at home through a mobile initiative that has raised Rotech's workforce productivity and doubled customer contact, both companies announced.

Rotech is a nationwide provider of home medical products including oxygen, ventilators, sleep apnea treatment and other home medical equipment. As such, the company needs to respond quickly and efficiently to market shifts in the healthcare industry, including those spurred by government cutbacks such as the trend toward remote patient monitoring or telehealth.

Together, MetTel and Rotech have deployed more than 700 customized Samsung tablets to field technicians, eliminating manual log sheets by going completely digital and generating increased scheduling efficiency and productivity. The Rotech technicians also have the ability to have more flexibility to adjust their schedules based on new patient or delivery data. With the support of MetTel, Rotech is able to bolster its mobile workforce by connecting field service technicians and sales representatives anytime from anywhere. With 325 branch locations and more than 3,000 employees across the U.S., the network effect of a more connected workforce can be substantial.

“Prior to our engagement with MetTel, we faced a number of challenges; paper-based processes, problematic legacy systems, inefficient back-end operations, a lack of interoperability, and delayed payments. Now, we are in the process of digitally transforming all aspects of our front-end and back office operations, which has served as a force multiplier for our business,” said Mesha Sookdeo, CIO, Rotech Healthcare. “We have been able to more than double the patients we see each day. We are in process of digitally standardizing processes across the board and integrating stringent security measures to protect our patients' healthcare data. The result has been an increase in productivity, better resource allocation and improved service to our patient and institutional customers.”

“Rotech understood the importance of digitally transforming its workflow processes, systems and overall operations to drive a more connected, efficient, productive and mobile workforce,” said Max Silber, VP, Mobility, MetTel. “As we continue to help Rotech on its digital transformation journey, it will see the measurable benefits and efficiency of enterprise mobility to transform and empower its employees – and most importantly improve the lives of the patients they care for.”

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Edited by Ken Briodagh

Editorial Director

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