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Connected Devices in Medicine: A New Conference Debuts in Minneapolis

By Cynthia S. Artin
October 24, 2018

Later this month, a new IoT conference will make its debut at the Coffman Memorial Union on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota.  An offshoot of IoTFuse, MedFuse will focus exclusively on connected things in the context of providing medical care – collaborative, connected and coming soon, or already here today.

Patrick Delaney, founder of Knowledge Conferences (or KConfs for short), the company organizing the event, the event organizer, said “We believe in the transformative power of these connected devices, not just as gadgets, but as fundamental elements of modern medicine and healthcare. We started a 501c3 based in Minnesota called IoTFuse inspired by the innovation happening in the Twin Cities. IoT is not just about gadgets, it is about systems architecture, which opens opportunities for inventions as devices are no longer just objects but digitally connected ways of creating new business models or operational processes. Our vision at the time, which continues today, is that by supporting technology here locally, we are creating opportunities globally.”

IoTFuse was born too spread knowledge in an efficient manner, bringing together the business people, the product developers, coders and marketing people to manifest ideas into sustainable value.

“We can get more people empowered through fusing together people coming from different backgrounds and professions. We have grown to be the largest community-run IoT conference in North America and are excited to now focus in on medical and healthcare devices and systems, which gives us more of an opportunity to zero in on very specific applications,” Delaney said. “There are a lot of hard challenges, given that the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) affects peoples lives, and getting people together in person at MedFuse is a very effective way to exchange information in a trusted setting.”

The October 30th conference features three tracks:

• Future Devices: focusing on the physical realm of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and specifically innovative electrical devices including pumps, medical simulators, and advanced diagnostic equipment. The sessions will include discussions regarding launching new devices, and the roles patients, providers and payers play in using them, as well as developments in biotech and genomics.

• Health Informatics: focusing on data and analytics including mobile devices, cloud applications, and the importance of compliance including HIPAA and GDPR, Electronic Medical Record improvement, as well as AI, machine learning and use of blockchain to manage data integrity and other applications.

• Future Healthcare Solutions: focusing on mega-trends, including supporting the aging population, addressing societal issues including the shortage of doctors and nurses, and need to better manage chronic and population health challenges such as obesity, diabetes and addiction. 

“Our hometown, Minneapolis, Minnesota is considered the center of the world’s medical design and healthcare,” Nathan Cress, Conference Organizer for MedFuse said. “We have set up a fascinating conference to give medical and healthcare professionals, practitioners and underwriters critical insights and knowledge about how connected device technology and other trends will impact these industries.

Participants include IoT professionals, whose objective is to learn more about what is happening in the connected medical field, including home monitoring, health and wellness apps, wearable devices all the way up the stack to multi-million medical equipment in large hospitals and medical centers, which may be ripe for Industrial IoT solutions.

The other audience registered for the event include technology providers serving practitioners, and the practitioners themselves. “MedFuse is bringing to together visionaries from many different aspects,” Delaney said, “welcoming all who bring a spirit of enthusiasm for taking back ownership of the direction of medical technologies and systems, and ultimately, high-quality patient outcomes.”

Edited by Ken Briodagh

Contributing Writer

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