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Hearing Aid Technologies to Make Life Easier

By Special Guest
David Fournier, Correspondent
August 15, 2018

In today’s world full of technological advancements, it is quite common for everyone to face issues with respect to the hearing capability. Confused? Well, indeed. The technological advancements have been at the root of a few health related issues as such. The loud music, the machines and power tools that cause high volume sound, high power headphones, nightclubs and bars that are crowded beyond capacity, automobiles and the sports events – these can be just a few reasons that can cause issues with your hearing ability.

Technology helps get past the Issues
Well, the technology is what has been creating issues in your life, while it is the technology itself that can help you cure or at least alleviate the hearing loss. Most of us do not opt for hearing aids because they think it inferior or demeaning to wear them.

Not anymore! Hearing aids have ceased to be what they used to be in the past – ugly and dangling. They have become the high powered and high efficiency devices in their own right.

Here are a few features that you should be proud of when it comes to the best hearing aids that you can go with. Check if the hearing aid you choose meets these standards. In fact, these features have been a standard option these days.

Cut the background noise
Hearing people in a noisy environment is the toughest task. The new age hearing aids are capable of reducing the unwanted noise from surroundings. Apart from that, the hearing aids have become smarter and thus can listen to the environment around you and adapt to the surroundings.

In fact, the aids also come with a geo tag that can be helpful in remembering the known locations and adjust themselves quickly enough. They have indeed become the mini computers in a sense and have been adaptable to every noise situation.

Hear from any direction
Hearing aids in the past were capable of listening from a particular direction. The smart hearing aids available these days offer you an exceptional hearing ability. The advanced directional technology used in the microphones ensures that you can go with clear hearing whether from rear, front or side.

This can be practically helpful when you are driving. It can also aid you in every other situation as such since you can easily hear what someone at your back is talking.

Comfortable and convenient
The hearing aids have become super small and ultra fit devices. They are customised to meet your needs and extremely comfortable to wear. You can be assured of no whistling experience with advancement in the digital technology.

Many advanced hearing aids come with waterproof properties, thereby making them best suited for swimming as well. Even the battery usage has gone down in an advanced battery saving mechanisms.

Multiple connectivity options
The modern hearing aids come with advanced connectivity options. In fact, the digital hearing aids have now become the norm. You can directly stream the content from your smartphone, laptop or any other digital devices.

The Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options aid you in connecting with your hearing aid through an app on your smartphone to control multiple configurations on your hearing aid. There are a few mini accessories that would help you disguise your hearing aids as if you are using something simple like a pen! Yes, the accessories are available in simpler formats that resemble a pen or a pendant.

They are practically invisible
One of the major issues people refrain from using a hearing aid is the ugly look they sport. Not any longer! The new age hearing aids have become entirely different. They combine functionality, style and effortless living.

Many of the new hearing aids are so small that they sit quite comfortably in your ear canal and will be completely invisible to the outside world. No one will ever come to know that you are using hearing aids unless you tell them.

Natural richness of sound
Unlike the hearing aids we have been used to n the past, you can experience the richness of sound with the technologically advanced hearing aids. This property should be ideal if you are frequenting musical programmes or movie screenings quite often. They help you avoid distortion with loud sound while improving the clarity of the softer sounds.

You can also opt for automatic volume control functionality to handle it. The technology can also be helpful if you are listening to a normal conversation. Ability to scan and decipher the variation in speech is indeed an excellent technological development.

Well, those were a few- just a few – technological enhancements that have helped you achieve the best results in terms of hearing aids and their capabilities. The technological enhancement has rightly been one of the best features that have redefined how we used hearing aids and how it has revolutionised the listening capabilities that it has offered.

Edited by Ken Briodagh
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