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Vidyo Research Shows Huge Investments in Telehealth

By Ken Briodagh
February 01, 2018

According to a recent announcement, Vidyo, an embedded video technology company, has released a study detailing the commitment of healthcare delivery organizations (HDO) to telemedicine in 2018. The data indicates that remote and video-enabled care is becoming an ever-greater component of healthcare delivery, with more than 75 percent of respondents saying they operate or are planning to launch telehealth services in the year to come.

The findings are collected in a new ebook and resulted from surveys of more than 300 clinical and IT professionals responsible for healthcare and technology investments across the U.S. Telehealth ranks as one of the top four IT investment priorities for HDOs and two-thirds of respondents plan to spend 20 percent or more of their technology budget on telemedicine solutions.

“Telehealth has officially gone mainstream,” said Elana Anderson, CMO, Vidyo. “Our research shows that the rates at which providers are adding video services to their medical bags will make 2018 the year that ‘telemedicine’ becomes standard medicine and mobile or remote access becomes the new normal.”

Respondents cited improved patient outcomes and cost prevention as key drivers of telehealth adoption. Over 60 percent of those surveyed reported better-than-expected results from current telehealth solutions, noting improvements in efficiency, timeliness of care, ROI, and patient health. Satisfaction scores soared for video-enabled solutions, hitting 83 percent for virtual visits, 84 percent for acute care management, and 90 percent for chronic health support.

“The data makes a compelling case that patients themselves are behind the rise of ubiquitous telemedicine,” said Anderson. “A reliable and high quality connection as well as a simple interface are table stakes for any video interaction platform. With platform technologies like VidyoCloud, the healthcare industry is increasing its success and satisfaction with telemedicine. Services that once required substantial capital investment and highly specialized network expertise are now accessible and comparably easy to get up and running. It won’t be long before on-demand video-based healthcare is the status quo.”

Telehealth has been a massive driver for the growth of video communications, and perhaps can be considered a catalyst for pushing video closer to the mainstream of business communications.  Vidyo's Cara Daly will be speaking specifically to that point at ITEXPO in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Feb. 14-16).  She'll be discussing why video can't be ignored as a business tool any longer, not just in healthcare, but in most other markets as well.

Cara Daly, Director of Product Marketing, Vidyo, will be speaking at next week's ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in a session on using video for Business Communuications

Edited by Ken Briodagh

Editorial Director

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